Tomr's Tonic has received acclaim from the following publications

”Just add an ounce of Tomr’s Tonic syrup to soda water and, presto, you have tonic water. I love syrups because they let you control the intensity of flavors. Tomr’s Tonic is elegantly citrusy and tart…”

"Made with organic ingredients, including bark from the cinchona tree (the original source of quinine), this pleasantly bitter, woodsy tonic syrup is great for mixing with its classic gin partner or even just with soda water.”
  ”Before Schweppes and Canada Dry cornered the market, nonfizzy tonics were the norm—indeed, the classic gin and tonic originated in the early 1800s, when Brits abroad used the spirit to make their anti-malarial, quinine-based tonics more palatable. This {Tomr’s Tonic] amber-hued syrup takes cues from its colonial-era predecessors, drawing quinine from cinchona bark, and using other natural ingredients to create an old-school elixir that’s complex, with a throat-catching bitterness. Mixed with gin and club soda, it yields a remarkably balanced quaff that enhances the herbaceousness of the spirit, while adding a touch of citrus. And as a bonus, it won’t go flat sitting in your fridge.”


“It is unlike any other Gin & Tonic I’ve ever tasted, with perfect balance between bitter and sweet, dry and refreshing.” 



"The amber color of Tom’s Handcrafted Tonic may be unsettling for those accustomed to crystal-clear G&Ts, but the flavor is earthy and rewarding, with intense citrus notes. We’re happy to drink it mixed 1 to 3 with club soda, but it becomes a fuller, richer gin and tonic than almost any we’ve ever tasted, the gin plugging spruce notes into the herbal tonic until they fuse completely. While citrus lightens it, you don’t have to lean on limes to make this concoction delicious."