Tomrs Tonic syrup concentrate in a 200ml bottle
Tomr's Tonic 200ml
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Tomr's Tonic 200ml

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Tomr's all natural tonic is an entirely organic tonic concentrate. Simply mix it with club soda and your favorite spirit(s) for an incredible all natural tonic drink. * High quality ingredients like the bark of the cinchona tree (the original source for quinine) give it an authentic rust color and a distinctive flavor that's sure to impress your palate. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Andrew J

I doubt I’ll ever buy a thing of cheap tonic water ever again, now that Tomr’s is in my life!

Baxter Stein
Pretty good!

I really like how this syrup tastes as compared to many big brand tonics. I’ve even been drinking it without putting it in cocktails. The only thing about it that could be seen as negative is that its flavor doesn’t pair well with some of my favorite gins. It’s got an earthy, strong flavor that can clash with some spirits. That said it’s still a great buy


Love the taste.

Richard Apatoff
Repeat Customer

The best tonic syrup

Sean McClain
Loved it, excellent flavor, will order again

I've tried a couple of tonic concentrates looking for one that wasn't just awash in sweetness. Even some tonics labelled as "extra bitter tonic syrup" were way oversweetened. Tomr's was an amazing flavor, well balanced, incredibly refreshing, and wonderfully enjoyable. I'll be ordering more as soon as I finish this first bottle, which will likely be soon!